Rational Digital Read-Out (DRO) 万濠光栅

Starting from Taiwan, Rational Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., was set up in Guangdong, China in 1995, and is now a professional company in precise measuring field. With the R&D force from both Taiwan and mainland China, Rational has been a successful high-tech company by dedicating to innovation and manufacturing for measuring systems. Rational has been highly focused on precise and high resolution measuring equipment and is a leading supplier of varieties of measuring systems or devices such as Digital Measuring Projectors, Video Measuring Systems and Linear Scales in China and Asia. With the state of the art technology, which integrates optics, machinery, electronics and software engineering, Rational has won outstanding reputation in precision measuring field. We have been awarded main titles of good reputation and honored enterprises in Guangdong province, China for many years and are ISO9001-2015 and CE certified.