Fiber Laser Nozzle 光纤激光喷嘴

The nozzle is an important part of the laser cutting machine. During the laser cutting process, the nozzle is responsible for maintaining the distance between the laser head and the workpiece, guiding the auxiliary gas smoothly through the workpiece being cut, and forming high pressure at the nozzle outlet to speed up the cutting speed and carry away the workpiece. Slag protects the internal lens of the laser head. The choice of nozzle directly determines the quality of laser cutting.喷嘴是激光切割机比较重要的一个部件,在激光切割过程中,喷嘴负责保持激光头与工件的距离,引导辅助气体顺利通过被切割的工件,并在喷嘴出口形成高压,加快切割速度,带走熔渣,保护激光头内部镜片。喷嘴的选择直接决定了激光切割的质量。