Fiber Laser Ceramic Rings 光纤激光陶瓷环

Laser ceramic ring consists of ceramic body, stainless steel parts and copper needles. The ceramic body is mainly used to maintain full contact with the nozzle, thereby transmitting electrical signals to the copper needle, which in turn transmits the electrical signal to the transmission line, and then the internal line of the laser head transmits the signal to the controller. After using the old laser ceramic rings on the market for a period of time, the contact between the stainless steel parts and the copper needles is poor, and the copper needles may even break, resulting in unstable or even no signal.激光陶瓷环由陶瓷体、不锈钢件和铜针组成。 陶瓷体主要用于与喷嘴保持充分接触,从而将电信号传输到铜针,铜针再将电信号传输到传输线,然后激光头的内部线将信号传输到控制器。 市场上的旧款激光陶瓷环经一段时间使用后,不锈钢部件与铜针之间的接触不良,甚至铜针断裂,导致信号不稳定甚至无信号。