Controller System 控制器 / 系统 / 数控

CNC is the acronym for Computer Numerical Control. In other words, the computer transforms the design facilitated by CAD into numbers. These numbers are typically the coordinates of a graph. These numbers also play a crucial role in controlling the movement of the cutter. CNC controllers refer to the computer numerically controlled devices which control the actions of the machines and their processes. In more generalized terms, a CNC controller is the brain of the CNC system. A controller acts as a link between the computer system and the mechanical components of the CNC device. The term “controller” may be a generic word. However, it usually represents the entire machine control system.

数控系统是数字控制系统的简称,英文名称为(Numerical Control System),根据计算机存储器中存储的控制程序,执行部分或全部数值控制功能,并配有接口电路和伺服驱动装置的专用计算机系统。通过利用数字、文字和符号组成的数字指令来实现一台或多台机械设备动作控制,它所控制的通常是位置、角度、速度等机械量和开关量