Coolant JR3C 佳润 切削液

Coolant JR3C 佳润 切削液



Applied to all types of Wire-cutting Electric Discharge machine. It can be also used as cooling liquid for metal-cutting processes. 各类金属材料的电火花线切割冷却之用;同时也适合于金属切削加工冷却之用。

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Product NameCoolant JR3C (2L - Orange)
产品名称JR3C “超浓缩型”乳化膏
Proportion:Put the liquid into running water with a ratio 1: 70~80 (avoid hard water such as well water or ground water).
配比:1: 70~80直接用自来水稀释(避免用井水或地下水等硬水)
Ingredients:Green product for the environment
Features:This product is currently the highest concentration of working liquid, it inherits the advantage of JR3A, but also cleans workbench surface and lows foam. The product is dissolved quickly, stored easily and shipped conveniently. High ratio, dissolves quickly, use conveniently. Uniform and white finish surface without black & white stripe normally seen (cleaned by kerosene). The product has great cutting stability under normal energy condition (average processing current more than 5A), compared with the traditional emulsified oil, cutting efficiency increased by 30%, surface finish degree improvement half grade, electrode wire loss reduced by 50% and molybdenum wire life is greatly extended. Workpiece is easy to take off and clean, and the workbench is also clean. Suitable for cutting within 500mm thickness die steel, it is also suitable for multiple-cut.
性能特点:配比率大、溶速快、使用方便; 表面均匀、洁白,无换向条纹(煤油清洗后); 大能量加工条件下(平均加工电流>5A)具有良好的切割稳定性 , 与传统乳化油相比,切割效率提高30%,表面质量改善半级 ,电极丝损耗减小50%,钼丝使用寿命大为延长; 切割完毕工件自动落下,易清洗,工作台洁净; 适合加工0~500 mm厚度的模具钢,适用于多次切割。
Ref. :Wire cut water base coolant.
Precautions and appearance:The product is brown ointment and the diluted liquid is light milky white. Add the ointment and water in proportion when replenishing liquid. Please use the magnet to suck the workpiece before processing is finished, and avoid breaking molybdenum wire.
外观及注意事项:产品为棕色膏体,稀释后为淡乳白色。补充液体时请按比例加入膏体和水。 加工完毕前请用磁铁吸住工件,以免落下砸断钼丝。

Product NameCoolant JR3C (2L - Orange)
产品名称JR3C 佳润 乳化膏
Order Code CC01-003-03
MOQ 最低量1pail
Stock 库存No Stock
Weight 重量2L/pail

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Pail- 140 x 140 x 190mm /pail.
- 0.003724m³ /pail.
- 2Kg /pail.
Box- 9pails /box.
- 0.04m³ /box.
- 18Kg /box (without box).

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